House Music Competition Forms 5 & 6

22-03-2018 16:30 - 18:30

Date:               Thursday 22nd March

2.30pm           Junior Competition (finish time approx 3.45pm)

4.30pm           Senior Competition (finish time approx 6pm)

Venue:            School Hall

Dress:             School uniform

After school supervision for SENIOR COMPETITION PERFORMERS:

After-school provision is offered free of charge for those performers who wish to wait at school. Please indicate via email if you would like your child to take up this offer (

Audience tickets:

NO TICKETS are issued for these events, HOWEVER

Junior Competition:   Attended by all children in Forms 3 and 4 and is open to parents, friends and relatives of those performing.

Senior Competition:  Audience attendance is unrestricted.

Backing tracks:          Please ensure your backing track has been forwarded to Mr Blundell at by Friday 16th March.

Sheet Music:               The adjudicators will require a copy of your child’s sheet music (if applicable) – please make sure Mrs Poole has a copy for this purpose. If you have submitted a piano accompaniment please ignore this request as the piano score will suffice.

Piano accompaniments:

On Wednesday 21st March, Mrs Parkin will be rehearsing with performers who require a piano accompaniment for their piece. Please make sure your child brings their instrument and music on that day. No timetable for rehearsals will be given; children will be collected from their classrooms ‘as and when’. Priority will be given to children who have not yet rehearsed with Mrs Parkin, others will be fitted in for an additional rehearsal if there is time.

Drum Kit:                    All drummers will be performing on the drum kit provided. There will be an opportunity to practice on the kit on the morning of the competition.