Christmas Assembly Recording

09/12/2020 All day

The music dept. is planning to record a Christmas Assembly to play over Microsoft Teams. Your child will be taking part in the Assembly which will be recorded at St Mary’s Church, Widford Rd on Wednesday 9th December.

Arrangements are as follows:

Morning (Forms 5 and 6)

Senior Choir: Parents to drop their children directly at St Mary’s Church (do not go to school first).

To reduce the chance of dangerous backing up of traffic on A414, please note the staggered drop off times at St Mary’s Church for the above event.
8.30am – 6H
8.35am – 6M
8.40am – 5D

  • 10.30am: Senior Choir will travel back to school via coach.
  • Readers and instrumentalists from Forms 5 and 6 will be taken to the church.
  • 12.15pm: Readers and instrumentalists from Forms 5 and 6 return to school by coach.

Afternoon (Forms 3 and 4)
Readers and instrumentalists

  • As there are only a very small number of children from this bubble involved, we hope you will be able to transport your child to and from the church.
  • Drop off at Church: 2pm (parents will not be allowed in the church unfortunately)
  • Pick up from church: 3.30pm