Aldi currently has a “Kit for Schools” offer, whereby customers spending increments of £30, in a single transaction, will be eligible to receive a sticker.  For example, a spend of £60 entitles a shopper to two stickers, and so on. The promotion is open between 6th September and 3rd November 2019.

All Aldi customers can collect the stickers – parents, relatives, neighbours and friends – and then give the stickers to a primary school student, to add to a poster at school.

Once the poster is full of stickers, we will send it into Aldi and will receive a sports kit. We will be entered into a draw too, in which we may win £20,000 – to spend on supporting sports activities and healthy nutrition at school.

The sports kit for the school will include : 1 bag, 6 bibs, 6 relay batons, 6 bean bags, 6 cones including stand, 6 egg and spoon kits, 6 balls, stickers and finishing tape

If you do shop at Aldi please send all stickers into school and ask your child to hand them to me to add to the poster in the hall.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. N. Kell, Head of P.E.