In celebration of the upcoming General Election, Widford Lodge will be holding our own General Election on the 12th

Children in the Prep School have been given the opportunity to create their own political parties. Having recruited fellow pupils to be members of their party, candidates will then be given a ‘budget’ from which to run their campaign. This ‘budget’ will be used to determine how many posters they can put up, or doing a ‘TV advert’ before assemblies. All this campaigning will also be accompanied by a Leaders’ debate in front of the whole school.

On the 12th of December, each class across the whole school will vote for their chosen MP. The party which has the most MPs voted in by the school, will be the party that is elected. This entire process should give children a good idea as to how our
democracy actually works and some practical experience as to how this all comes together.

It should be great fun and we look forward to seeing how potential candidates get on.