Recentley the children in Forms 1 – 4 were treated to a maths lesson delivered by a theatre company called Quantum Theatre.

The maths was taught through a story about a bank being robbed. The children were invited to join the Half Pint Kidd as he set out on a trail of mathematical clues and skulduggery. They needed to help him fight the Tumbleweed Gang and find out who was really behind the missing money by solving calculations.

Along the way, the children joined in with singing songs and answering questions. They had a great time applying their knowledge of mathematics into problem solving. The Pre Prep classes used a number square to look at number  patterns, explored mental methods for addition and subtraction and used number bonds to help the Half Pint Kidd solve the crime.

Prep school children looked at the column method for addition and subtraction, found clues by reading coordinates from a map, and needed to utilise their knowledge of adding and subtracting fractions.

We would like to thank Quantum Theatre for coming in to visit us all.