This half term you have made an enormous contribution to the Chelmsford foodbank. We have been amazed and delighted as the hallway has filled up each week with the tins and packages of food that you have given.

The foodbank have been thrilled with the amount  that has been contributed:

“Widford Lodge has made an amazing contribution to Chelmsford Foodbank with their weekly collections. The staff, parents and pupils, have all been involved in providing literally hundreds of items every week, enabling us to continue to provide emergency three day food supplies to families in  Chelmsford, who through no fault of their own, are going through a crisis.

It is such a pleasure to collect the donations from the school each week. The children are so excited about how much they have collected, and are all keen to help bag up the many items and guess the total number donated.

Chelmsford Foodbank would not be able to exist without the generosity of the public. We are so grateful to Widford Lodge for their incredible donations of:

141 packets of cereal, 355 tins of beans, 155 packets of pasta/rice, 1 jar of sauce, 296 tins of fish, 84 bottles of squash, 189 tins of soup, 418 toilet rolls, 103 tins of fruit, 91 packets of custard powder and 116 tins of tomatoes”