Recently it was the turn of Form 1 to perform their pantomime Penguin Quest. The story was inspired by a wildlife documentary about penguins that I watched over Christmas. A petral bird was pecking at a group of
Emperor Penguin chicks who were clearly terrified. Suddenly a much smaller Adelie penguin came over to protect them. He stood up tall and intimidated the much bigger petral and chased him away. I thought “There is a story I could write about the bravery of penguins” and the idea for our Pantomime was born. The children have been very keen in rehearsals and we added many of their own ideas to the script. Their performance to the school went brilliantly. Oh yes it did!  The class were delighted when the whole school danced the floss and joined in with the fun! Afterwards, Miss Kenton commented on the their clear enjoyment and organisational skills.

Their performance to the parents was also a great success. Thank you parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and everyone else who danced and supported us so well. At the end Miss Cole said ‘wow!’ and praised the children’s big voices, smiles, acting and
dancing skills. She also emphasized the important message in the play about being kind and helping one another.

Mrs Eggleton