The School Council has been working towards achieving ‘The Speaker’s School Council Award’ which celebrates school council initiated projects that make a difference to their school community.  Our project is called ‘Be Healthy, Be Happy’ with the aim of encouraging more children to eat fresh fruit (or vegetables) at break time.

The School Council recently did a survey of the snacks that the children have been bringing in for break time. Most are quite unhealthy and some children do not even have a snack. Only about 30% of children in Pre-Prep and 15% of Prep are eating fresh fruit.  Form 5 are the healthiest year group with 40% of the children eating fresh fruit each day.

The School Council would like you to help by providing healthy snacks such as fruit or vegetables (e.g. carrot or cucumber sticks) for break time.  We have spoken to Rupert, our Chef, who is going to provide a fruit based dessert each Friday for ‘Fruity Friday’!  The Year Two children have also put up posters to remind us all to eat our 5 a day.

Can you also check that your child does have a snack each day to help with a healthy break time and with energy for all our lessons.  We hope to re-do our survey in a couple of weeks to see if our ‘Be Healthy, Be Happy’ campaign has been successful.