On Tuesday 22nd January, the School Council were welcomed to Chelmsford’s Civic Centre by the Mayor of Chelmsford and her
Deputy.  The children had a tour of the building, seeing the new council chambers and visiting the Mayor’s Parlour.  Mayor Spence spoke about her official duties and how she became Mayor. We were also shown the official chains of office and the mace that is paraded in front of the Mayor before major events.

The School Council saw democracy in action when they were asked to form two groups and come up with three major changes they would like to bring to the city of Chelmsford.  These changes were presented and we had a vote by ballot to see which group’s ideas we preferred.  We learnt about spoilt papers, returning officers and the official count at elections.  The reduction of the number of take-aways in Chelmsford and more leisure facilities were the ideas that won the vote.

Thank you to Mayor Spence and her Deputy for hosting us.