Recently the children of forms 3 to 6 were involved in two road shows delivered by the Two Johns based on Stranger Danger. The aim of the road show was to give the children a greater understanding of what they are doing online and how to keep themselves safe.

The children discussed how many sites and apps they were aware of, and what was possible within these programs. The Two Johns discussed how strangers can capture the information the children may place on their profile and how adding a friend can open access to unknown people. It was also explained to the children how a stranger may entice them to start interacting by possibly asking for their name or by starting a general conversation. The presenters explained how the children could make their accounts private by looking at some of the settings within certain applications.

The children were fully engaged in the road show with many offering to share their experiences, and responding to the questions, sharing their opinions, thoughts and ideas. The roadshow was a valuable lesson to all involved.