We recently celebrated World Book Day.

We asked children to:

  • Bring in to school an item or article of clothing that relates to a book that has been written by a specific author.

In school we:

  • Held a World Book Day Quiz with the children.
  • Teachers read their favourite books to the children.
  • Had a ‘Book Swap’
    For this we asked children to bring a book to school that they are prepared to swap for a different book brought to school by another child.
  • Showed the children some film clips of authors and illustrators talking about how they write a story or illustrate a book.
  • Began a ‘Sponsored Readathon’. (Roald Dahl Foundation) Details will be sent home with your child.

You can join us in building your child’s enthusiasm for books well beyond World Book Day by reading together regularly and joining your local library if you are not yet members.

For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit worldbookday.com.

Children are never too young to start their journey with books, and the benefits of reading are enormous—so we hope, like us, you will use World Book Day to celebrate it with your child.