Year 3 recently visited Oaklands museum to learn all about the Stone Age. When we first arrived we had a brief talk from one of the curators who explained how long ago the Stone Age happened. The children really impressed her with their knowledge of chronology…knowing that the Bronze Age and the Iron Age came next! The children were asked whether or not Stone Age people were as clever as us…? We then completed a few tasks to find out the answer, including: how to drill a hole in a piece of stone, how to weave cloth, how to make sure paint sticks to walls and is waterproof and what tools would we need to be a hunter-gatherer. A final look around the museum using iPads enabled the children to capture evidence of Stone Age life in Chelmsford.

At the end of the day, the children decided that Stone Age people were indeed VERY clever because they survived using only what was around them in nature…being creative to make the things they needed. They were as clever as us! Well done to all the Year 3 children for such a lovely trip. Their impeccable behaviour was a credit to the school.