On Friday February 7th we will be taking part in the NSPCC Numbers Day. Since it was launched 20 years ago, over 3,500 schools have got involved with Number Day and raised nearly £2 million and this money has been used to protect children from harm.

We will be joining thousands of schools for a mega maths-inspired fundraising day, raising money for the NSPCC by making a donation to the NSPCC charity. There will be a whole school challenge involving the money collected. For example, which class can make the longest length and highest tower using the coins they have bought into school, and which class has the greatest total. The money will be collected from children during class registration but there will also be buckets on the school gate for parents and guardians if they wish to make a donation too.

The morning will be dedicated to being a maths maverick by completing quizzes, formal maths recording and creating art work inspired by mathematics. The day will also involve children coming to school dressed in maths inspired clothing. This could be a tee-shirt with a number on or a whole outfit involving mathematics in some way.

We are looking forward to celebrating 20 years of Number Day!