Reception to Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful day of activities for ‘Humanities Day’ on Friday 29th June. The day started with the whole school learning some Russian phrases from Madame Beardsworth.

Throughout the morning the school had 4 sessions of History, Geography, Art and RE, all in their family groups with students from all the different years.

In History, the children learnt lots of facts about Russia through time, in Geography they labelled maps of Russia and learn lots of the names of Russian cities with the pre-prep also colouring their own Russian flag! In RE children learned facts all about Russia. Collages of St. Basil’s Cathedral were made over the whole morning which everyone got involved in and in Art the children made pastel and ink pictures of the cathedral.

There were also a lot of other fun activities throughout the morning such as a Russian dance led by Miss Devitt and a themed lunch.

The day was finished off with the conclusion of the Widford World Cup on the tennis courts and a quiz for Prep in the hall.

Thank you to all the teachers for running the activities especially Mr Callaway, Miss Kenton, Madame Beardsworth and everyone in the kitchen for helping organise a great day!