Our Annual EYFS/Go Creative events were a great success! Mrs Ribeiro magically appeared as a real princess and led drama sessions with classes from Pre School to Form 2. The children particularly enjoyed her Revolting Rhymes inspired story and acting out Little Red Riding Hood. Grrrr! Thank you so much Mrs. Ribeiro for helping us – you were amazing (in the words of the children) and we were so impressed we would like to book your skills for our next 5 annual Go Creative events!

Our talented staff also co-ordinated wonderful fairy tale inspired activities. These included Mrs Love and Mrs Palmer leading a fairy tale orienteering activity. Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Scorrar helped the children built the actual houses of the 3 Little Pigs (with real straw and sticks). Miss Hall and Mrs Knight created Jack’s beanstalk, with individual beanstalk plants to take home (and delicious magic beans)! Mrs Blundell and Mrs Jenkins helped the children create scary, colourful dragons. Mrs Parkin inspired the children to make fairy tale compositions in music sessions.

The fun continued into Thursday and Friday, where we made masks, swords and so much more. We also made gingerbread men and iced fairy cakes ready for our Pre Prep stall. Thank you Rupert and Cheryl for helping us with these. Also a huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Hance for the straw we used to create one of the 3 Little Pigs’ houses.

A lot of industry and team work goes into making Go Creative such a success so thank you to all the staff involved. We know that the smiles on the children’s faces made it all worth it!