On Wednesday Form 4 and some excited teachers and parents went to London to The Bridge Theatre. We saw an amazing production of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. The play was based on C.S. Lewis’s novel which we are reading in class. It really is an outstanding production which included: singing, dance, puppetry and acrobatics. We can highly recommend it.

Here are some of the comments that the children made:

‘it was amazing!’,

‘I loved the way the wolf crept along the floor, he looked real’,

‘the costumes were fabulous’,

‘I loved the giant Turkish delights’,

‘I want to see it again!’

Thank you so much to the parents who came along and helped, it was very busy on the train journey home but we coped very well. Thank you to the children who behaved so well and were so appreciative.

Mrs Dexter/Mr Waterhouse